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ACT Responsible April 19, 2010

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This website has not be ignored because its purpose is more than praiseful. ACT is a non-profit Swiss organization which gathers the greatest gallery of world PSA. ‘ACT – Advertising Community Together’ is aimed on environmental changes, sustainability and social responsibility. ACT arches over world advertising professionals who express their talent on very positive and useful ads – PSA. Advertising Community Together  also brings together various companies and key industry players who are keen to participate on the social responsibility lifestyle and therefore encourage other companies to do so as well and spread these good practices in order to get more people and organizations to behave responsibly. Of course, the non-profit organization has to pay these ads and ad professionals. Industries help with this and are financing whole 100% of their actions.  They believe that thru effective and inspiring public service announcements people understand the urgency and necessity of behaving responsibly towards the environment in order to improve most disturbing issues in the world.


ACT Responsible

Act Responsible. 01 May 2010


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