Pro-Social Advertising

Osocio April 19, 2010

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Osocio, formerly known as Houtlust Blog, focuses exclusively on social advertising campaign and non-profit campaigns which both strive to make people aware of world issues in order to make the world better. The blog was founded in 2005 by Marc van Gurp and it was written only in Dutch. But thanks to many visits and interest of people from outside Netherland, the English version was inevitable. Not long after, Houtlust Blog became a main platform for non-profit pro-social advertisers with many references. Osocio declares itself to be the central hub for advertisers, activist, environmentalists, Samaritans and many others who really care about what’s happening on planet considering human’s impact. (Osocio) I have to strongly agree with Osocio claim about pro-social advertising that it ‘has uncanny power to make us stop, think and then take action to help person, group of people ….’. (Osocio) This is very true and Osocio blog introduces more details about each campaign posted there so that you get the notion about the whole campaign, what was the first reason to create that and also it allows you to be able to think more deeply about any other pro-social campaign you will see, because you will know what is happening in the backstage.

Here is a little taste of one of the recent projects posted on Osocio. Let’s try to see the world as homeless people see it – click on the link below:

It is easy to enter the street. But hard to escape it.


“See through the eyes of homeless person.” SAMU SOCIAL. 01 May 2010

Osocio – Social Advertising and Non-profit Campaigns. 01 May 2010


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