Pro-Social Advertising

PSA Gallery April 19, 2010

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Here you can find various PSA campaigns which I found appealing and most of them even unforgottable… Even though some of them are in Czech, I think you get the messages it sends anyway.

And, please, feel free to share your comments and recomendations for other images, videos or/and sites.

(All images were taken from Google images, all videos from Youtube)










One Response to “PSA Gallery”

  1. vivianast Says:

    I really liked the commercials you chose. I like this pro social advertisements, they build the awareness of people of some facts or issues they might not know about.

    Concerning the drinking and driving ads, I think a really good ones are from the “Nemyslíš – Zaplatíš” campaign. Some people may consider it to be very drastic or harsh, but I believe this is the way people should be warned about serious issues like this. This campaign made me realize some things I never thought about, I never realized that some things could be dangerous.

    But I wonder to which extent are these campaigns successful. If it only makes people realize some things and prevent them from doing that or it makes them only realize it but people would still perform such behavior…

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