Pro-Social Advertising

Social Advertising April 19, 2010

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Social Advertising blog is a non-profit journal which claims to be posting ads which promote social responsibility and encourage others to behave so. On this page you find vast amount of pro-social advertising campaigns focusing on many issues ranked in 14categories such as Alcoholism, Disability, Education, HIV, Smoking, and many others. You can ‘enjoy’ both images and videos following an introductory text which describes the issue and also the campaign in particular country. Other benefit of visiting this page is the list of other blogs focusing on pro-social advertising which you can visit then to find more about PSA and its campaigns. If we are an international university gathering international students, I am sure that you will certainly find at least one pro-social ad from your country, in your language, on this blog. See below a little taste of ads posted on Social Advertising blog:

Disability means Possibility

NCDV domestic Violence TV ad

Social Advertising

Social Advertising blog. 01 May 2010

NCDV Domestic Violence TV Ad. YouTube. 01 May 2010

Disability means possibility. YouTube. 01 May 2010


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