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AIDS Awareness ‘PPSA’ campaign April 20, 2010

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Another article I recommend you to read is the one on, written by Christopher Byrne called AIDS Awareness: Smokey and the Cell Video – the Personal Public Service Announcement. This article briefly explains what kind of new PSA will exist from now on. The article approaches you to the excerpt from Scott Shamp’s essay posted here. Scott Shamp is a Director of the University of Georgia New Media Institute and Executive Producer of the Project AIDS Personal PSA 2008. I highly recommend you to read the essay which is putting a light on a future ‘career’ of the PPSA (Personal PSA). Its goal is to show young people the everyday life of people infected by HIV and force them to get tested.

What is more than interesting on this campaign is that it chose different ‘channel’ to spread the PSA message. They did not use internet as the majority of PSA campaign uses, but they rather tried to do it in more personal way. They targeted their audience thru cell phones. Unbelievable? Impossible? Costly? These are thing which came on my mind when I read it. But the article changed my view. Thanks to generous sponsors who participate on the campaign, Verizon, AT&T, Nokia and others, it was possible to send messages including PSA video free of charge. This generosity of the partners should not be seen as a way how to promote their companies, but rather a way how to point out that the public service announcements should be free of charge.

As Shamp said: ‘Think of the power of these new PPSAs (Personal PSAs) to change people, to make communities stronger’ (‘AIDS Awareness’), PSA should focus more on the technological devices media obtained across the century and take advantages of them. Think of that! We have nowadays more than one screen at home – we have not only TV, but also internet or iPods (today also iPad, iPhone and also other similarly-advantaged cell phones) which can be used to spread the PSA much quickly and much directly. Then, also think about other advantages of these modern media devices – they are small, quick, colorful, easily transportable and, primarily, personal. Each of us has cell phone and majority of us have iPod therefore we all can be personally aimed by this PPSA campaign. And that is its biggest advantage – it can be targeted directly at the audience the organization is interested in. And in this we can see the future of PSA campaigns – they become more personalized, more directed and therefore, hopefully, more effective.  AIDS PPSA campaign was launched in 2008 in USA, may be we all take advantage from such PPSA when it once comes on our phone.

Link: AIDS Awareness PPSA campaign

To get the idea how it will look like on your cell phone, click below.


“AIDS Awareness: Smokey and the Cell Video.” 01 May 2010

“AIDS PPSA 2008.” UGA New Media Institute. 01 May 2010


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