Pro-Social Advertising

Introduction April 21, 2010

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This blog, as a Media Literacy project within Media and Society course, tries to show that advertising does not have to be always considered as either dumb, entertaining, commercial or controversial, but also that it can work for a positive thing – to change people’s minds on relevant issues they face daily.

The aim of this blog is to show that advertising becomes nowadays a natural part of our daily life and therefore cannot be omitted. Advertising slogans/mottos/images talk to us everywhere. Many companies, organizations and even private personalities use various media to deliver their ideas to the public and they are in the same time aware that advertising does this best. Advertising (can) successfuly delivers the message thru creative and powerful way, but it can also be weakish that people would neither see it, or get the message. But the key idea of the advertising is to create awareness and promote things, services or even personalities to the large amount of audience.

The pro-social advertising is a quite new and in some ways innovative concept of advertisement which focuses on relevant social, health and/or public issues which are considered as a threat to the audience. This kind of ad allows creative and powerful ideas to present these issues in more acceptable way. PSA (Public Service Advertisement/Pro-Social Advertising) is often used wisely and effectively to be as creative as possible, as effective as possible and to higher the awareness of the problematic issue in way that people relate to them and then get the idea of the social/helath/public issue.

Even though vast majority of media focus on commercials, PSA is getting its place on media market. It does not sell anything needless, it ‘sells’ awareness of real problematic issues taking place in the society which may easily cause that you would not have to be here tomorrow. Pro-social advertising gives you insight into the real issues which you should not omit. Thru reading this blog, you should get the notion of PSA – how it works, what its different kinds and usages are and what innovative approaches they use in order to increase awareness about particular issue.


See below some starters for you to get the taste of PSA! (For more images and videos, visit my PSA Gallery)





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