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Classmates Blogs to Visit May 24, 2010

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First blog I would higly recomend to visit was made by Lucie Čadová and it’s called ‘CommUNblock – UNblocking media’s secrets’ and it aimes at the problem of growing media bias within all media, especially internet and TV. The articles provided nicely illustrate that we really cannot trust everything we see or hear in media and that we should read/listen crtitically to these news and then create an opinion about them supported by other additional sources of information.

The second blog I would highly recomend was made by Misha Baginova is focusing on stereotypes in media and how these can shape our minds and attitudes towards reality. The name of the blog ‘Stereotyping in media’ stands for itself and the overall content of the blog discusses different kinds of stereotypes –  minorities,  genders; and also how these stereotypes may change children’s minds and their attitude towards, for instance, body image.

The third blog you should visit to get the insight of the media and especially internet censorship. Blog by Barbora Chromečková is focusing on the very update problem and that is internet content censoring. Especially in China, this is a hot issue and even though people protest against it, the government want to remain censoring for obvious reasons – they want to protect their communistic spirit untouched by other ‘sources of information’. Not only about this issue you can read about this blog.

The other blog I would recomend you was made by Jan Kotouč called ‘Media and Military’ and touches quite unusual field of media portraying – military portraying in media. It talks about how military can be differently stereotyped and provides a lot of interesting backing information. Especially the part about how video games can shape your view towards some military conflict, or war, was really surprising for me and definitely worth seeing.

The last but not least worth visiting blog I would recomend you was made by Petr Čížek and it’s called ‘Media Decreases Privacy’. It|’s main aim, as the name reveals, is to provide us with the information that everything we once write on the internet, each our data, it stays there for ever and it’s used for different purposes. Even if you only log in the internet, your personal data from your PC are immediatelly shared with vast amjority of internet channels. I would say that everyone who is nowadays puting personal stuff and data on the Facebook, or somewhere else, should be warned by reading this blog.