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Richard má problém (Richard has a problem) campaign April 19, 2010

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Other worth noting event I would like to draw attention to is Linka Bezpečí project called Richard má problem (Richard has a problem). Linka Bezpečí is a Czech non-profit organization whose mission is to help both children and teens with their daily problems considering school , bullying, family troubles and other complicated situations which they could otherwise solve in an adequate way (by self-abuse, escapes, suicides and many others). This organization is working since 1994 and had adopted hotline telephone service from UK ChildLine and started a non-stop available service. This service enables any children to call and share his/her troubles and get an advice from the assistants on the other side of the cable. During the fall of last year, Linka Bezpečí launched a new internet campaign called Richard má problem which is an interactive website offering help to both children and parents. Its visuals are done to fit perfectly the style parents and children are familiar to. The part dedicated to children offers various real stories of children having problems with bullying, conflicts in family, divorce of their parents and so forth. Also including the promo video which is running on the internet (see below its excerpt). The part dedicated to parents is merely different. It shares common problems their children can face and how they can help them to go thru these problems. The guider thru the whole webpage is Richard Krajčo, well-known Czech front man of Kryštof band. The little figure he represents is animated and changes emotions and mimics according to the problem he faces in the clip. The promo video you can see below is done as a set of songs by Kryštof band and visuals showing Richard having various problems. And in the end of each part there is visible the number where children can call in case of necessity. This internet PSA campaign won an award in the Žihadlo 2009 competition in the category of public service announcements.

For non-Czech speakers: Here I add some images from the website to show you the visual part of the campaign:


Richard má problém. 01 May 2010

Richard ma problem. Perf. Richard Krajčo. YouTube. 01 May 2010

“Aktuality – Richard má problém.” Sdružení Linka bezpečí. 01 May 2010


Nemyslíš? Zaplatíš! Campaign April 14, 2010

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Nemyslíš? Zaplatíš! (You don’t think? You pay for that!) is a Czech social advertising campaign made by BESIP (part of the Ministry of Transportation, caring about Road Safety) in order to create awareness about causes of vast majority of accidents. This campaign very lively illustrates many kinds of consequences of agressive driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or of non-using the seat belts. The campaign is criticized for the real depiction of the accidents with all details which can negatively affect children watching it. But if you have a chance to compare this Czech campaign with similar one in UK, you find out that BESIP campaign is by far not the most drastic. (look at the posts below)

And here you can compare it with UK pro-safe driving campaigns:

Do you now think that BESIP campaign is so tough as many Czech people think?

BESIP campaign have facebook fan site where it posts videos from the campaign and people can share photos from their own accidents and write here their comments and stories about them. Shortly before the Easter they started off a campaign on facebook. Nemyslíš? Zaplatíš! offial facebook site offered an Easter on-line posters to send as Easter wishes. They offered three kinds of posters – with Easter colored eggs, with baked lamb and with chocolate rabbit. You could send one of them to your friends on facebook with your personal message. When a person opened it, it said: ‘Facebook user So and So have sent you an Easter wish. But an accident happened on its way… Do not ask for troubles when on the road and do not drive under the influence of alcohol. Happy Easter!‘ And when you look at the image of the poster, it was changed. Eggs were broken and the yelk poured down, baked lamb had broken head and rabbit was broken into pieces.

This is an example how social advertising can be innovative and cleverly use the interactive media to deliver its message. People on facebook shared these posters, talked about it and visited the official website. Here they could watch the videos and became aware of what is causing majority of the accidents. If all the people who visited the site and watched the videos got the message and took some advice from that, not only the creators of the campaign would be happy.

Zajíčci, beránci a kraslice v kalužích krve – Nemyslíš, zaplatíš! Velikonoční kampaň

Nemyslíš, zaplatíš! kampaň varuje na Facebooku před krvavými Velikonocemi

“Beránek, kraslice a zajíčci v kalužích krve. Veselé Velikonoce! | Vláda.” 01 May 2010

“Nemyslíš, zaplatíš! varje na Facebooku před krvavými Velikonocemi.” Nemyslíš zaplatíš. 07 May 2010

Nemyslis, zaplatis – Embryo – BESIP. YouTube. 07 May 2010

Nemyslíš, zaplatíš! /NECENZUROVÁNO/. YouTube. 07 May 2010

Social commercial – speeding drivers. YouTube. 07 May 2010